Opapps.net Scam

Opapps.net Scam (How Does It Work)

With the increasing rate of online scams, we all want to know how legit is a website to prevent us from being scammed.

Opapps.net is an online website that offers to download free mobile apps and games for both Android and iOS devices.

Opapps.net was created in 2021, but for what purpose was it created?, is Opapps.net safe to download from? how does the Opapps.net scam work? You are about to find out.

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Opapps.net Scam

Opapps.net Scam

How The Opapps.net Scam Works

Opapps.net acts as a third-party App Store where you can download games and apps for both Android and iOS devices.

When you try to download an app or game, it asks you to begin injection by clicking on the ‘start injection’ button, then it begins injecting.

You would be redirected to another website appinstallcheck.com. Ask you for human verification.

You will see 3 apps from the list below, then ask you to install and open an app for at least 30 Seconds to complete the download process and send the data to the server.

When you click on the app, you will be asked to provide your phone number to join the best online gaming battle or asked to download and create a free account to unlock that app.

Pressing the ‘okay’ button redirects you to other unsafe websites that will ask you to subscribe to their website or lead you to download the app from the Google play store or Apple App Store.

Opapps.net Scam

Opapps.net Scam

Is Opapps.net Safe

Opapps.net is not a safe app and game-downloading website. It redirects its visitors to malicious websites that pose a security threat to its visitors.

Opapps.net is a sketchy website and it’s a cover-up to download apps or games that contains malicious software or redirect your download to join a subscription service.

The apps and games that are available for download on opapps.net are from third-party developers.

Which means they are not the original developer of these games and apps. Their codes have been modified for scam purposes.

Although Apple makes use of an app review process, designed to ensure that scams and malicious apps don’t make it into the App Store. Despite that, it’s been reported that App Store scam apps make up almost 2% of the top-grossing apps.

In the past few years, According to Forbes, there have been reports that app developers on Google Playstore took advantage of a loophole that enables developers to charge users extravagant fees when they reach the end of their initial trial periods.

Is Opapp.net Scam

Opapps.net scam aims at redirecting its visitors to other websites to have them subscribe to another site, steal their information, and participate in surveys. It tricks its visitors into subscribing, participating in surveys, and installing apps from unsafe sources.

If Opapps.net has subscribed you to websites such as ng-app.com or runsafeads.com or any other spammy website, make sure you call your network customer care to remove your number from this subscription.

If you have installed apps on opapps.net or other redirected websites such as appinstallcheck.com, cswsaa.com, or smallboi.app, ensure to uninstall these apps or games. You should also deactivate your account from your smartphone to prevent the app from making unauthorized subscription charges to your account.

Opapps.net Review

Opapps.net generates revenue by redirecting its visitors to participate in completing surveys and subscribing to other websites.

Opapps.net is a website run to promote thirdparty developers such as Appsinject team, AmongMod ltd, TweakApp ltd, AxieModltd, iOSMod ltd, ArchTeam etc.

Opapps.net scam users by not offering what it claims it offers. The website claims it’s a place to download apps and games. But it rather redirects its visitors for scam purposes.

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