my Chevrolet app not working

My Chevrolet App Not Working Fixed

My Chevrolet app is mobile software that turns your mobile device into a remote control. The Chevrolet app has a lot of features including checking your vehicle;’s health, checking your fuel level, tire pressure, and oil life. The Chevrolet app is compatible with android and apple devices. It can be downloaded from App Store for apple ios devices and the google play store for android devices. To get started you have to enter your Chevrolet account credentials.

My Chevrolet app, not working issues can be due to several reasons. Some of these reasons include failure to update my Chevrolet app to the latest version, using an outdated device, poor internet connection, poor Wifi connection, and many more.

If you are struggling with issues of my Chevrolet app not working on your mobile device keep reading through this article as I will provide solutions to this pending issue.

My Chevrolet App Not Working

There are several reasons you are currently struggling with the issue of my Chevrolet app not working.

my Chevrolet app not working

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Update My Chevrolet App

The first step to fix the issue of my Chevrolet app not working is to ensure you update the app to the latest version helps to fix bugs and software glitches. You should follow the steps below to update my Chevrolet app.

You can check for the available update by searching myChevrolet in the google play store for android an app store for apple ios devices.

Next, create an account or sign in to the app if you previously have an account. Use your put in your email account and password. Make sure you are using the same email address you provided to your dealer at the time you purchased the vehicle.

Update Your Mobile Device

Updating our mobile device can fix the issue of my Chevrolet app not working. Using an outdated software version may no longer be supported by the latest app version. for example, if your mobile device is running on android 4.2, the latest or updated Chevrolet app may not support that android version. Therefore updating your mobile device software generally improves compatibility.

Check Internet Connection Network

Chevrolet apps use Onstar safety services which leverage the cellular network for connectivity. If the cellular signal is not strong enough this can lead to my Chevrolet app, not connecting issues. If your smartphone still disconnects then your cellular signal may not be strong enough. Now, wait till your signal gets stronger to check if the problem persists.

Although you get 1 free month when you purchase your Chevrolet vehicle. After that 1 free month trial, you have to subscribe monthly.

My Chevrolet app uses wifi + hotspot to connect your car and mobile phone to the internet. You can connect up to seven devices at the same time to the Wi-Fi Hotspot connection. You can also get a reliable connection up to 50 feet away from your vehicle.

my Chevrolet app not working

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Check Bluetooth Connection

Checking your Bluetooth connection can help to fix this issue of my Chevrolet app not working. Since your mobile app connects to your vehicle through a Bluetooth connection at times you may experience trouble with Bluetooth. These issues can occur due to your phone’s software being out of date. Ensure you have the latest software version updated on your smartphone. After updating your smartphone software try to delete and reconnect your smartphone to your vehicle.

Sometimes when you are on a call and the car engine turn off, your vehicle may eventually time out of accessory mode to save the battery. When this occurs, the connection between your vehicle and smartphone will disconnect.

To fix these issues:

Try to disconnect other devices that your phone may have been paired with to see if the issue persists. Now reconnect your smartphone with your vehicle.

my Chevrolet app not working

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Delete and Reconnect Your Smartphone

If you are experiencing issues with my Chevrolet app not working you can fix this issue by deleting and reconnecting your smartphone with your vehicle. Before you proceed ensure you have updated the software on your smartphone to the latest version.

Now delete your smartphone from your vehicle list of paired devices:

  • With our vehicle switched on, use your vehicle touch screen to navigate to the list of paired devices.
  • Now select the name of our smartphone.
  • Then select delete.
  • Check to confirm that the name of your phone has been finally removed from the list of paired devices.

Then remove your vehicle from your phone list of paired devices:

  • With your phone navigate to settings, then select Bluetooth.
  • Find the name of the vehicle in the list of paired devices.
  • Choose delete or forget this connection.

Lastly after removing the connections from your vehicle and smartphone:

  • Turn off your vehicle.
  • Open and close your vehicle door.
  • Wait for 2 minutes.
  • Then Pair again your phone to the vehicle.

In conclusion we have been able to provide you with solutions if you are experiencing my Chevrolet app not working issues. The pending issue can be due to bugs and software malfunction from your phone or Chevrolet app.

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