My Car Keeps Dying But Battery And Alternator Are Good

It can be frustrating to find out your car keeps dying after you switch it on with your keys. This situation is also known as stalling when your car stops working every time you switch it on.

A damaged alternator that fails to charge your battery while driving can cause your car to stall or stop.

If your car keeps dying battery and alternator are good, keep reading this article to find out possible causes.

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Car keeps dying battery and alternator are good

Why does my car keep dying with a good battery and alternator?

A battery or an alternator problem is the most common reason your car keeps dying after you turn it on.

In a situation where you have a good battery and alternator, this can be caused by other issues including:

  • Faulty Engine Control Unit (ECU).
  • Faulty fuel system.
  • Low coolant.
  • Faulty Crankshaft sensor

Car Keeps Dying Battery And Alternator Are Good

If your car keeps dying despite having a battery and alternator that are in good working condition. Several other reasons your car may suddenly stop working may include:

Faulty Fuel System

If your car runs out of fuel, your engine may suddenly stop working. This can be a result of having an empty fuel tank or your engine not getting enough fuel it needs to run.

Fuel is transferred from the fuel tank by the fuel pump, gets filtered by the fuel filter, and mixed with the intake air by the injector. The component of the fuel system includes the fuel pump. fuel filter and fuel injector.

A bad fuel pump can’t keep your car engine running after starting. This can overheat your engine and cause your engine to stall.

A dirty or clogged fuel filter will restrict the flow of fuel and should be replaced or cleaned.

The fuel injector delivers the right amount of fuel required by the engine. A dirty or clogged fuel injector may be the reason your car keeps dying.

Faulty Engine Control Unit

The Engine Control Unit (ECU) or Engine Control Module (ECM) uses information received from the sensors to adjust the performance of your engine.

The ECU controls the fuel flow, airflow, fuel injection, and ignition system. If your car keeps dying, this may be a sign of a faulty engine control unit.

Low Coolant

Your car relies on an engine coolant or an antifreeze to keep the engine working at an optimal temperature.

Driving with low coolant will lead to overheating which can shut off your car engine to avoid causing any significant damage.

Faulty crankshaft sensor

The crankshaft sensor sends information to the electronic control unit (ECU) which it uses to control the fuel injection timing.

A symptom of a faulty crankshaft sensor is causing your engine to stall or stop.

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Car keeps dying battery and alternator are good
Why Does My Car Battery Keep Dying

With regular use, your car battery deteriorates over time. Excess heat, corrosion ad low temperature are among several factors that can shorten the life span of your battery.

Common reasons your car battery keeps dying include:

Leaving Lights On

Leaving the headlights, backlight or any other light on when you are not driving can drain your battery.

Corrosion at battery terminal

Corrosion at the terminals can cause damage to your car battery. You can apply dielectric grease to prevent corrosion at the battery terminal.

Parasitic drains in the electrical system

Parasitic drains are capable of killing batteries and can be difficult to find.

Common drains are glove box and trunk lights that stays on or comes on when they are turned off.

Low Temperature

To maintain a proper working condition your car battery must maintain a room temperature.

A low temperature can prevent your battery from working properly.

Leaving your car parked too long

Leaving your car parked for too long while connected can deteriorate your car battery. Consider removing your battery and storing it at full charge if you won’t use your car battery for a long time.

Weak Car Battery

Although several factors will determine howling your car battery will last. The average span of your car battery is between 3 to 5 years.

Faulty Alternator

If your car battery keeps dying, this can be a result of a damaged alternator that fails to charge your battery.

Although an alternator can last a lifetime. A faulty alternator can occur from wear and tear, damaged parts, and exposure to water or heat.

Car Keeps Dying Battery And Alternator Are Good

What is the most common cause of car battery drain?

There are many causes of a car battery drain, they include the following:

  • A parasitic drain will suck power out of your battery when you leave your electrical devices or light on.
  • A faulty charging system also known as an alternator can charge your car battery and will continue to drain even while the car is running.
  • A defective alternator diode can also drain your car battery.
  • Extreme hot weather above 100 degrees Celsius or cold weather below 10 degrees Fahrenheit can damage your car battery.
  • When your car battery gets too old it may no longer hold a full charge and should be replaced.

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