Bozzhi scam

Is Bozzhi Scam Or Legit (Find Out)

It’s a good practice to carefully investigate the legitimacy of an online store before you spend your money to avoid getting scammed. Scammers use different methods to scam people for their hard earned money and they go as far as building an online store.

If you want to shop on Bozzhi, you will want to find out if Bozzhi scam or a legit e-commerce website. Bozzhi ofers good pricing of products on their website and they accepts credit cards, debit cards and PayPal as method of payment.

We will review Bozzhi and you will find out if Bozzhi Scam or legit as you continue reading through this article.

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What is Bozzhi about

What is Bozzhi About is an online retail website where you can buy women’s Luxuries including dresses, pants, skirts, tops, jewelry, shoes, and handbags. You can sign up on Bozzhi by selecting a username and a password. To make an order select the item you would like to order, select a size (Small, medium, large or extra-large), and select the amount of quantity you want to order. Click the “add to cart” button next to the product. At check out, you can pay for your order using Pay Pal, MasterCard, Visa Card, Amex Card, and Discover Card.

Bozzhi Review

Bozzhi Reviews

  • is a new website and it was created on 04/02/2022 for a 1year period.
  • Bozzhi offers good pricing for each product.
  • Bozzhi offers different methods of payment including PayPal, MasterCard, Visa Card, Amex Card, and Discover Card to its customers.
  • has no customer reviews found on other websites. Customer ratings and reviews are good for any business and show how people perceive such business
  • Bozzhi has no address, not an office address or headquarters address where administrative duties are carried out.
  • has no social media links or account presence. Every business wants to have a social media presence. Sometimes when you have trouble on a website all you need to do is find their social media account and inform them about the issue you are facing.
  • Contact support – You can contact Bozzhi customer support by Email:
  • Return policy – Bozzhi offers a return policy that allows you to return a good within 30 days of purchase. The return shipping expenses are covered by the customer.
  • Shipping policy – Bozzhi offers free shipping on all orders and shipping time is between 7-15 business days.

is Bozzhi scam or legit

Is Bozzhi Scam or Legit

When trying to determine the legitimacy of a website, transparency is one of the factors to consider. Every legit business has a founder, co-founder, or CEO that should be accountable for its business activities.

Bozzhi does not provide details about its ownership. Hiding ownership is a common trend among websites that intends to scam people for their money.

Bozzhi doesn’t have a business address to track its activities. Even tho Bozzhi is an online shopping website there ought to be an administrative office just like Amazon, eBay, BestBuy, and others.

Maintaining customer relations is the priority of any business and Bozzhi certainly lacks that. They also have poor customer support, they only offer email support, and they do not have phone support or social media support.

Never use your  credit or debit card for shopping on Bozzhi, once you enter your card details, they can have access to your card, carry out unauthorized transaction on your account and you may not receive what you ordered.



The Bozzhi scam have been going around for a while this made us to take a thorough look at Bozzhi we think it’s either a scam or a drop shipping website. Bozzhi can’t be trusted and you should avoid placing orders on this website till they can prove their credibility.

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One Comment

  1. I can’t speak for everyone who gave a chance, but I can say they scammed me for $89.95 plus tax with absolute certainty. I responded to an ad on Facebook that looked like a legit Home Depot ad. When I clicked on it I was redirected to and landed on a page that spotlighted the product I was interested in. It was well done with reviews and all the specs pertaining to the product. I fell for it.
    Jump forward two weeks and I’m still waiting for my purchase. Which never came. Contact Us page didn’t exist. No phone number, no address, no way to make a refund happen. A ghost that never existed except for the short period I was involved.
    That’s a scam if there ever was one.
    Jack Crowsey

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