How To Invert Photo On iPhone

Do you want to learn how to invert photo on iPhone, ensure you read through this article as we are here to guide you. 

You can invert photo on iPhone using the smart or classic invert mode. You can also invert a picture using various software that can be installed on your iPhone. 

You may want to invert the photo on your iPhone may help to enhance contrast, create negative image, reduce eye strain.

Here in this article you will learn how to invert photo on iPhone using smart/classic invert, photo editing software and online tool. 

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How To Invert Photo On iPhone

Follow these steps to invert photo on iPhone:

How to invert photo on iPhone

Method 1: Use Smart or Classic Invert

Go to settings > tap Accessibility > tap Display & Text Size > turn smart invert or classic Invert button On. 

Turning smart invert button on, reverses the colors of your display. This does not apply to images, media and some apps in dark mode. 

Turning classic Invert button on, reverses colors of your display including images, media and apps in dark mode.

Method 2: Use a Photo Editing software

Using a photo editing apps another quick way to invert photo on iPhone. Some of the popular photo editing apps included Adobe Photoshop express, adobe lightroom, Picsart etc. 

Photoshop Express

The photoshop express is a popular photo editing software that had advanced features.

Below is how to invert a picture on your iPhone using the Adobe Photoshop express: 

  • Install photoshop express from the App store. 
  • Open the photoshop express app on your iPhone. 
  • To select the photo you would like to invert, go to Edit.
  • Go to the Looks tab, select Basic.
  • Scroll right and click Invert.
  • Click Share button in the upper-right corner and select Save. 
  • The inverted picture will now be saved in your library. 


Lightroom is another software that can be used to invert a picture. A key feature of the Lightroom invert tool is that it allows you to adjust the incerr effect level on the picture.

Below is how to use lightroom to invert a picture on your iPhone:

  • Go to the App Store to download the Lightroom app.
  • Now open the Lightroom app on your iPhone.
  • Click the image icon at the right bottom to upload the picture you would like to invert. 
  • Navigate to Light and click Curve.
  • Drag the bottom left point to the top left and the top right point to the bottom right in the tone curve.
  • To make adjustment to the invert level, and click done to save the inverted picture. 


Picsart is another mobile app that can be installed on your iPhone. It allows you to apply negative gradients to pictures. Using Picsart you have freedom to invert part of an image

You should follow the steps below to invert a picture using Picsart: 

  • Open Picsart on your iPhone, then tap the purple plus sign below to start a new project.
  • Select a picture from the image library. 
  • Select the black and white portrait, to easily invert images. 
  • On the editing screen, select FX tool from the menu below the canvas. Select colors category and select negative. Select apply in the upper right hand corner of your device.

To invert part of a picture:

  • Click Selection from the tools menu. Then pick a selection shape from the menu below. 
  • Now move and stretch the shape till it covers part of the picture, where you want to apply the negative filter.
  • Click FX in the toolbar to apply the changes to only the selected area. 
  • Select negative from the effect menu below. Now the rest of your picture will temporarily disappear.
  • Select apply from the top corner to get back to the whole picture. 
  • Tap Apply in the upper right-hand corner to keep saving any changes.
  • Tap Next in the upper right-hand corner to save, after you’ve finished editing the entire image.


BeFunky is a popular online tool that can be used to invert photos on iPhone. It can be used online without having to download the app on your iPhone.

Here is how to invert a photo on iPhone using BeFunky:

  • Go to
  • Tap “edit a photo” and upload the photo you want to edit. 
  • The image will open, then tap the “edit button” at the top menu.

Among the various options that pop up, scroll until you find “Invert.”

  • Now click “ invert” to flip the colour of your photo.  
  • If you are satisfied with the changes, click “Done” at the top menu. 

How do you invert Photos on iPhone settings?

To invert photos on your iPhone through settings: 

  • Click the settings app on your iPhone. 
  • Scroll down and Click Accessibility
  • Click Display & Text Size 
  • Turn smart invert or classic Invert button On. 

How do I turn a picture negative on iPhone?

You can turn a picture negative on iPhone: Click the settings app > click Accessibility > click Didplay & Text Size > toggle on classic invert button. 

Other ways to turn a picture negative on iPhone is by using popular photo editing apps like adobe photoshop express, lightroom or picsart. You can also use an online tool like BeFunky. 

How can I invert colors on iPhone?

To invert colors on iPhone: Go to settings > tap Accessibility > tap Display & Text Size > turn smart invert or classic Invert button on. 

Can you invert colors on iPhone Photos?

Yes you can invert colors on the photos on your iPhone by toggling on the classic invert button. You should note that smart invert will not invert colors on your iPhone photos. 

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