How To Charge Gotrax Scooter

Would you like to learn how to charge gotrax scooter successfully, if you recently purchased any gotrax scooter model? Using an electric scooter will save you some money, you won’t have to spend money to buy fuel at the gas station anymore.

If you just purchased your device and you are experiencing difficulty with how to charge gotrax scooter.  We have provided this article to guide you on how to charge gotrax scooter and to help you learn how to properly operate your electric scooter.

How To Charge Gotrax Scooter

On how to charge gotrax scooter it is important to use the correct type of charger to charge your Gotrax scooter as the voltage may vary. You are recommended to use a charger type of Direct current (DC) 42V 1.5A and an electric current between 100 to 240 volts to properly charge your Gotrax scooter.

If you own any of these Gotrax scooters (GXL V2, Apex, XR Ultra, XR Elite, G3, G4, GMAX, GMAX Ultra, or G Pro). Follow these steps on how to charge gotrax scooter:

  • Locate the charging terminal on your Gotrax scooter, and open the rubber charging port cover. The charging port of your Gotrax scooter can be located at the top in between the hook and the console. Once you locate the charging port, firmly insert the charging plug into the port.
  • Firmly plug the other end of the charger into a good power wall outlet. Now check the charger box as a LED light would be displayed on the charger, to indicate that current is running to the battery.
  • A red light will be displayed on the charger box and this indicates that your scooter is charging. If a green light displayed on the charger box indicates that your scooter is fully charged.
  • Once you have fully charged your scooter, unplug the charger from the power wall outlet and scooter. Ensure you cover the charging port to keep it clear from dust and debris.

To prevent damages, on how to charge gotrax scooter avoid leaving your electric scooter to charge overnight. The average time it takes to fully charge your Gotrax Electric scooter is between 4-5 hours. Overcharging your scooter can reduce the lifespan of the battery.

Gotrax Scooter Not Charging

Overcharging your Gotrax scooter can shorten the lifespan of its battery and make the battery quickly overheat. When the battery overheats this can make the battery become unusable and may not charge anymore.

High heat and cold temperatures can affect the inner wiring and the scooter’s battery. Charging your scooter in a condition that exceeds 104 degrees Fahrenheit or below 32 degrees Fahrenheit can harm the battery.

With that being said, ensure to follow these steps for a proper solution, to help you fix your gotrax scooter not charging issue:

Clean Charging Port

If your gotrax scooter not charging, first clean the charging port to clear away dust and debris that may have accumulated and prevented your scooter from charging. After cleaning the charging port make sure your charge is firmly plugged into the port.

Check Power Wall Outlet

If you notice your gotrax scooter not charging check to make sure the power wall outlet is receptive. Ensure you plug your scooter into a good wall outlet, you can use a multimeter to test for connectivity. If the multimeter fails to read it indicates the issue from the wall outlet and it should be replaced.

Replace Battery

Charging in extreme conditions and overcharging your gotrax scooter can weaken the battery and can result in your gotrax scooter not charging. Replace the battery of your scooter and make sure you select the right battery for your scooter model.

Replace Charger

Your gotrax scooter not charging issue can be due to a defective charger. Simply replacing the charger of your gotrax scooter can help to fix this issue. You can order your Gotrax Scooter charger replacement from amazon or gotrax.

How To Turn On Gotrax Scooter

If you want to learn how to operate your gotrax scooter, ensure you follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the red button for 1 second to power on your Gotrax scooter
  • The console on your scooter will display speed in MPH, headlight, and battery life.
  • Press the power button 3 times to switch the speed unit display. After switching, the console will display speed in Km/h.
  • Press the red button for 1 second to power the headlight on or off after you power on the scooter.

To start riding your gotrax electric scooter

  • Place one foot on the scooter and one on the ground.
  • Now use the foot you’ve placed on the ground to push off and simultaneously press the throttle to start moving.
  • Press the handbrake if you want to slow down or stop.
  • To activate cruise control, press down the right-hand throttle for 10 seconds. If you want to deactivate cruise control press either the right-hand throttle or brake button.

How To Unfold Gotrax Scooter

If you own a gotrax scooter and you want to know how to unfold gotrax scooter, follow these steps:

  • Press the rear fender buckle above the tire
  • Then pull the tiller up to unfold the electric scooter.
  • The spring pin will insert itself in place within the folding lever to lock the folding mechanism.

If you want to know how to fold your gotrax scooter, follow these steps:

  • Power off your scooter.
  • Hold the tiller and pull out the spring pin on the folding panel.
  • Then rotate the spring pin in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • Now insert the hook on the tiller into the loop on the back fender buckle. You may hear a click that can indicate that you’ve successfully folded and locked your Gotrax scooter.

How Long Does it Take to Charge a Gotrax Scooter?

It takes around an average of 4- 5 hours to fully charge the battery of your gotrax scooter.

How to charge gotrax scooter
How do I Charge my Electric Scooter?

  • Open the rubber charging port.
  • Insert your charger into the charging port.
  • Then plug the other end into a power wall outlet.
  • A red light will be displayed on the charging port to indicate that your scooter is charging and would turn green to indicate it is fully charged.
  • Remove the charger and cover the charging port when you are done charging your scooter.

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