How To Be A Travel Vlogger

How To Be A Travel Vlogger In 2023

The travel niche keeps expanding and many people young people would like to start a travel vlog on YouTube.

Becoming a travel vlogger is a dream job for so many of us. The reward of being a travel blogger is travelling the world and having fun whilebmaking so much money. 

Here in this article we would explain how to be a travel vlogger.

Who is a vlogger?

A vlogger is a person who posts short videos to a vlog regularly. A Vlog post consists of creating a video of yourself where you talk on a particular subject could be reporting or reviewing etc.

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How To Be A Travel Vlogger

How to be a travel vlogger

  • Get Funding 

This is often the biggest challenge that you would be faces with when you want to start a travel vlog.

To become a vlogger you need essential equipments such as a camera, Camera Gear, a computer and editing software.

As a travel vlogger you will need to travel the world to shoot captivating videos for your audience. 

Starting out you may need to remove this money from your pocket but with time as your audience continue to grow on YouTube, you can reach out to travel companies for sponsorship deals. 

  • Have passion

Just like every niche you need to have passion about what you do. As a travel blogger you need to show your audience how passionate you are about traveling. If you don’t have passion for what you do then you may not get far. 

  • Set the right expectations

Most people starting out wants to be a YouTube superstar overnight. You need to see the right expectation which must be a realistc. You should also come into this lifestyle with a realistic mindset and achievable goals. 

  • Don’t do it only for money

Juat like blogging everyone wants to make money immediately they are starting out. Many vloggers with this mindset either don’t get far or eventually quite. 

The constant chase of money will kill your creativity and passion which are required for this journey. 

Do not quite your regular job when you start vlogging as you would need to grow your YouTube channel before you begin to make a living with it. 

During this growth period, your passion and your ability to make amazing, original content is going to be set ing you to success and not the constant class for money.

  • Travel as much as you can

If you want to vlog ensure you travel as much as you have to travel. Travel to different countries in different continents to captivates your audience.

  • Find a Niche

There are millions of travel bloggers on YouTube from around the world which makes it very competitive. The travel niche is wide and should be broken down to stand our t from the crowd. 

Look for trends that might be emerging, openings in the market. You can be a foodie that is bent on discovering the next big food trend, show case how business men across the world started their businesses or different cultures all around the world. 

This way you’ll be able to provide content that no one else is providing, which will attract tonnes of loyal viewers.

  • Get inspiration / Learn from other travel vlogs

From time to time, you will struggle to come up with different ideas for your videos. As a travel vlogger you need to constantly entertain your audience. 

When you can’t come up with ideas you can draw inspiration from fellow travel vloggers by watching their videos. Make sure you learn from them by noting what the competition is doing right, or wrong. 

  • Network with other content creators

Networking plays an important Important role for content creators. Linking up with other content creators can be useful for your development. 

  • Interact with your audience 

Don’t forget to interact with your audience as this may be useful for you development when starting out as a vlogger. Interact with your audience and hear from them how you can improve on your videos. 

  • Use social media

Do not depend only on YouTube to grow your channel. You can drive massive traffic by linking your contents from other social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and blogs.

Essential Equipment for a Travel Vlogger

  • Cameras

Any entry level DSLR camera should be okay for a beginner. DSLRs are extremely reliable in comparison to other high tech cameras. You can pick between popular brands including Nikon, Canon and Sony. 

Below is the list of Best Cameras For Travel Vlogging


Sony ZV-1



Sony ZV-E10



Sony A6600



Fujifilm X-S10



Sony A7C



DJI Pocket 2



Insta360 One RS



GoPro Hero 11 Black


  • Camera Gear

This includes lenses, tripods, mounts, microphones and storage. You need to have enough space to save all your shots.

  • Computer and editing software

You need a good PC and a good editing software to edit your videos. You may want to require the awevces of a professional but would save you some money if you can learn this skill. 

There are lot of video editing software and they include paid and free versions.

How to Grow Your Travel Vlog

You don’t just expect to grow your Travel blog overnight, you need to put in work. Below are few ways we think you can grow your travel vlog.

  • Be dedicated and consistent.
  • Get Active on All Social Media: Advertise yourself. Don’t be shy!
  • Make Friends with Other Vloggers: Don’t be afraid to reach out! You can learn many things from your pairs. You my even do a collaboration with other bloggers.
  • Interact with your audience: Engage with your audience by developing a relationship with them. Try to learn what your audience wants.

How to Make Money as a Travel Vlogger?

Affiliate links are the best way to make money as a beginner. Affiliate links allow you to make a commission on products that are featured on your videos.

In conclusion as a travel blogger you must always be looking for ways to improve your content and grow your audience. Never stop learning.

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