Does Starbucks take Apple Pay

Does Starbucks Take Apple Pay

Are you curious to find out that does Starbucks take Apple Pay either as a Starbucks customer or an Apple user? Starbucks accepts a variety of payment methods. To provide a smooth payment system.

Whether you are paying with the Starbucks App or at the nearest Starbucks store. You can select any of the following payment methods: Cash payment, Starbucks Cards, Credit or Debit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Pay Pal, and Venmo

Does Starbucks take Apple Pay

Does Starbucks take Apple Pay? Yes, Starbucks accepts Apple Pay as a payment method.

You can use Apple Pay to make payments at any participating Starbucks locations. Or You can simply reload your Starbucks Card with Apple Pay within the Starbucks app for iOS. Go to the App Store to install the Starbucks app.

How do I use Apple Pay with Starbucks?

Follow the steps below to use Apple Pay to make payments within the Starbucks app:

Method 1: Reload your Starbucks card With Apple Pay

Starbucks customers can’t add Apple Pay directly in the Starbucks app. But you can reload your Starbucks card with $10 – $100 with Apple Pay in the Starbucks app.

You can purchase the Starbucks card at any Starbucks store, online as a Starbucks eGift, or in the Starbucks app.

Follow these steps to reload your Starbucks card with Apple Pay:

Step 1: Install the Starbucks app from the App Store on your iOS device.

Step 2: Tap the Starbucks icon to open the app.

Step 3: Tap the profile icon to go to your profile.

Step 4: Tap the Starbucks card & payment option

Step 5: Choose the Starbucks card you want to reload and choose Apple Pay as your payment option.

Step 6: Confirm the payment with your Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode. Done and a checkmark will appear on the screen.

Method 2: Use Apple Pay at Starbucks stores

Starbucks customers can use Apple Pay to make payments at participating Starbucks locations with their iPhone or Apple Watch.

Simply use the Starbucks app to locate a nearby store. You can order ahead to avoid long queues.

To Pay with your iPhone:

Step 1: To use your default card for payment use your Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode to authenticate.

Step 2: If you want to use a different card, click on your default card to view other cards.

Step 3: Choose a new card and use your Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode to authenticate.

Step 4: Now place your iPhone near the contactless reader till you are Done and a checkmark appears.

To pay with your Apple Watch:

Step 1: Double-click the side button to open your default card.

Step 2: Scroll down if you want to choose another card.

Step 3: Place your Apple Watch near the contactless reader until you feel a vibration and hear a beep.

Why is Apple Pay not working on my Starbucks app?

If you are trying to make a payment with Apple Pay the Starbucks app but it’s not working:

Check your internet or Wifi connection

If your Starbucks is not working, check your Wi-Fi connection to make sure it’s connected. Ensure you have a good internet connection.

Update the Starbucks app

Starbucks often releases new app versions to fix bugs and compatibility issues. Go to the app store to update your Starbucks app to the latest version.

Update Your iPhone to the latest iOS

Updating your iPhone to the latest version of iOS can help to fix software glitches.

Does Starbucks Have Apple Pay

Starbucks take Apple Pay as a method of payment at participating Starbucks stores where contactless payments are accepted.

You can also use Apple Pay to reload your Starbucks Card through the Starbucks app for iOS.

Does Starbucks take Apple Pay

To set up Apple Pay, simply add your debit, credit, or prepaid card to your iPhone wallet. Your card issuer will determine if your card is eligible for Apple Pay.

Does Starbucks take Apple Pay through drive-through

Yes, Starbucks takes Apple Pay through drive-through. You can order ahead with the Starbucks app and you can visit a drive-thru by finding the nearest store to pick up your Starbucks order.

Do Starbucks accept Apple Pay

Yes, Starbucks accept Apple Pay to reload the Starbucks app or at any Starbucks store.

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