Ballenawalker scam or legit

Ballenawalker Scam or Legit (Find Out)

Its easy for anyone to build a website for a couple of dollars for scamming purpose. Therefore it is a good practice to carefully investigate the legitimacy of an e-commerce store before spending your money.

If you are looking to shop on Ballenawalker, you will want to find out if Ballenawalker scam or legit e-commerce website.

Ballenawalker is a new e-commerce store that has drawn a lot of attention lately. Ballenawalker is an online store that offers leather clothing. You can order leather jackets, leather shoes, and leather accessories on the website. The only payment accepted on this website is PayPal.

You will find out if Ballenawalker Scam or Legit and the reason why we think it’s a scam as you continue reading this article.

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Ballenawalker scam or legit

Ballenawalker Scam or Legit

Ballenawalker is not a reputable website and cannot be trusted. Make sure you avoid shopping on to avoid losing a couple of dollars. The prices offered are also relatively too high, the cheapest accessory you can find on Ballenawalker costs over $200 and a leather jacket costs $485 on Ballenawalker.

From the little research we made on Ballenawalker, we found that this site has no review, and does not provide any further information on its owners. Just like every scam website Ballenawalker tries to gain their customer’s confidence. They try to make you spend your money on their website. They claim their offer a 30 day money-back guarantee and free express shipping worldwide.

There is a high probability you won’t get your order when you purchase on Ballenawalker. Since PayPal is the only accepted payment method accepted you won’t get your money back.

Ballenawalker Review

Ballenawalker Review

We have reviewed Ballenawalker and below are some of the reasons we think Ballenawalker is a scam website:

Not Transparent

Transparency is one of the main factors we all consider when trying to determine the legitimacy of a business. Ballenawalker doesn’t provide details about its owner or founder on their official website page. This is a very common pattern we’ve found among websites that intends to scam people for their money.

According to the whois record, Ballenawalker was registered on 6th, June 2022, and the domain was purchased for 1 year period. Among the pattern we have detected among scammy e-commerce websites they are not often renewed if the scammers have made a lot of money from this scam.

Fake Address

Most registered businesses provide a legit address for their business. Ballenawalker claims their business address is at 326 Bay Shore Bend Southeast, Mandan, North Dakota 58554 which is a fake address.

When you search for that address on the internet, you will find out that the area in the address is a residential address.

Ballenawalker scam

Prices Are Too High

For a new website, the prices offered by Ballenawalker are too high compared to Amazon and other established e-commerce websites. The lowest item on costs over $200. The average price of a leather jacket on Ballenwalker goes for $485 which is too expensive.

Poor Customer Support

You can contact Ballenawalker customer support by Email: and by Phone: +1 234-352-7269. If your try to get in contact with their customer support team, you may probably not get a response back.



In conclusion, Ballenawalker is a sketchy website and we think it was created to for scamming purposes. The owners of this website is unknown, and we believe a well coordinated team of hackers are behind this website. You should  avoid shopping on Ballenawalker to avoid losing your hard earned money.

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